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The Golf Blitz community beta starts today!


We're excited to share the first few glimpses of Golf Blitz with our community starting today! Read on for more details on how you can join!

Play on iOS

Download the beta by joining the TestFlight via this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/0CUq9WZJ

Play on Android

Step 1: Join the Google Group (required for permissions)
Step 2: Opt-In to the beta here
Step 3: Download the game from Google Play

Need more help? Read more about joining the beta on iOS or Android

Where can I submit feedback and bugs?

Join us on our Discord server and post to the #beta-feedback or #bug-reports channels. We'll also be checking the support+blitz@noodlecake.com email address for more detailed bug reports or if you need a little extra help in the game

What should I expect in the beta?

The beta version of Golf Blitz has less features than we intend to launch with, additionally we're still fixing bugs and changing gameplay so expect some hiccups duing the next few weeks. The beta does not include any in-app purchases (accounts may be reset after the beta, but we'll compensate you, don't worry) and we expect to be tweaking numbers like card pack rewards, XP and power-up stats to make the game as fun as possible.

What's the purpose of the beta?

The reason why we’re doing a limited beta is threefold: gain feedback from passionate players like yourself to help shape the future of the game, discover and fix bugs and technical issues, and to balance the game. Our ears are open and we’re excited to hear what you think! While we can’t promise that every suggestion will be implemented you can be assured we will read and consider everything that’s shared with us!



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