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  2. Same issue today, SSG 3 Mac App-Store V1.7.14

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    3YD5UQ - Anyone still playing? Hit me up! 😁
  4. SU9ZNW. Thanks so much if you choose to use it! 😃
  5. Quick thought, I’d love some type of ability to fine tune the aiming arrow. Typically this isn’t an issue, but when using the laser ball across a long distance, being able to hit a toggle, and have the aiming arrow move much more slowly, would be a Godsend. Thanks for your time!
  6. Dgolf1

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    Anti-grav ball with Mr. Chief hat. Get it to the farthest left point of the left sand trap. Full power aiming slightly right of straight up, and gently work the grav.
  7. Dgolf1

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    Says to complete hole 7 on Sticky Zone without touching any sticky walls. How do you get up the totally sticky last chimney without touching a wall? Anti-grav? Thanks!
  8. Dgolf1

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    Add me to the pile V58NUQ Thanks!
  9. Hi @rynoesco, here's a screenshot for ya! But you can also play the beta NOW! If you haven't grabbed it already, check here for instructions on how to do so: http://forum.stickmangolf.club/announcement/5-golf-blitz-beta-is-live/
  10. McBuckets


    Anyone can add my code which is W7IZZY
  11. Thank you so much for the update. I can’t wait. Can you post a screenshot of the game possibly? The video didn’t reveal anything. Thank you!
  12. Maybe not exactly SSG4, but we have something new and incredibly fun for you all! Check out the announcement, sign up for the beta here: Super Stickman presents GOLF BLITZ ... and join the Discord here for the most up to date and juiciest details: GOLF BLITZ Discord
  13. yeah that's true. and probably a pc editor too. I'll make a thread on Reddit too to see if anybody there has interest just in case because there isn't much activity here.
  14. Unlikely to be much of any interest unless the editor is added to the mobile version.
  15. So Noodlecake actually released a real editor for custom courses. However, there is bare minimum to none interest of what I see in actual custom courses. So let’s try to start a thread to get more interest! I’ve made one crappy course to try and get used to the editor so if you want to play it uhh I think it could be classified as abstract art? 🤔🤨 I don’t mind if you use the infinite portal room I actually thought that was pretty neat. If anybody has courses to contribute, I’ll try to play them on the macs at my local Best Buy. space.ssg3x.zip
  16. Nobody REALLY knows but if you look up the keyword ssg4 then one of the workers at noodle cake did say that there could be a possible chance of that happening.
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