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  2. Same here.....multi-player notification have not been working for months. I figured I would just wait for an update to the game. But no updates since July 2019. Any word of a fix for notifications? (Galaxy 8 Plus - Android 9)
  3. I'm very dissapointed Greeny. Loved playing SSG2 multiplayer. I've had no response from Noodlecake Studios either. Makes me wonder if the company has closed???
  4. It's the same for my brother and I, I never had any trouble getting a random player either. I enjoyed this feature and I am not really into any of the newer games. There's something about SSG2 that is just a perfect balance of features to gameplay. With the added spin ball in SSG3 I think it's too much and the music ain't like SSG2, I really like the music that went with SSG2 kind of an added bonus. It will be a shame if the servers plug was pulled. How much does it really matter to keep it online?
  5. Can anyone advise if SSG2 multiplayer is dead?
  6. The last 3 days I have been unable to connect to the multiplayer option on SSG2. Is anyone else having the same issue? Thank you
  7. What happens when you use one of these codes? I used one and I didn't get anything from it. Does it only give stuff to the person who owns the code or is the game glitching?
  8. My friend got the green mushroom hat from mine😱 tell me if you get it too the code is ZQL71
  9. This is my code 1Y19L8
  10. Whenever I try and select turn-based multiplayer on SSG3, it asks for a name and then whenever I try to join it shows this message. (The image) My internet connection is fine, I’ve even used mobile data and have the same problem, I’m running it on an iPhone XR, fully updated. Please help
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    Please redeem my code for packs JW3Z1Z
  12. Hey everyone. Mine is DAL8W I am 0/7 at the moment. Thanks!
  13. I thought it was an issue with my phone but I recently got a new one and still don't get any turn based notifications. In the past I tried clearing the cache, giving permissions, and reinstalling the app. Is there a fix for this or are you only working on golf blitz now?
  14. Same issue today, SSG 3 Mac App-Store V1.7.14
  15. VEETAC

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    3YD5UQ - Anyone still playing? Hit me up! 😁
  16. SU9ZNW. Thanks so much if you choose to use it! 😃
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