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  3. My friend got the green mushroom hat from mine😱 tell me if you get it too the code is ZQL71
  4. This is my code 1Y19L8
  5. Whenever I try and select turn-based multiplayer on SSG3, it asks for a name and then whenever I try to join it shows this message. (The image) My internet connection is fine, I’ve even used mobile data and have the same problem, I’m running it on an iPhone XR, fully updated. Please help
  6. Ahart682


    Please redeem my code for packs JW3Z1Z
  7. Hey everyone. Mine is DAL8W I am 0/7 at the moment. Thanks!
  8. I thought it was an issue with my phone but I recently got a new one and still don't get any turn based notifications. In the past I tried clearing the cache, giving permissions, and reinstalling the app. Is there a fix for this or are you only working on golf blitz now?
  9. Same issue today, SSG 3 Mac App-Store V1.7.14
  10. VEETAC

    Referral Codes

    3YD5UQ - Anyone still playing? Hit me up! 😁
  11. SU9ZNW. Thanks so much if you choose to use it! 😃
  12. Quick thought, I’d love some type of ability to fine tune the aiming arrow. Typically this isn’t an issue, but when using the laser ball across a long distance, being able to hit a toggle, and have the aiming arrow move much more slowly, would be a Godsend. Thanks for your time!
  13. Dgolf1

    Trophy: Ew!

    Anti-grav ball with Mr. Chief hat. Get it to the farthest left point of the left sand trap. Full power aiming slightly right of straight up, and gently work the grav.
  14. Dgolf1

    Trophy: Ew!

    Says to complete hole 7 on Sticky Zone without touching any sticky walls. How do you get up the totally sticky last chimney without touching a wall? Anti-grav? Thanks!
  15. Dgolf1

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    Add me to the pile V58NUQ Thanks!
  16. Hi @rynoesco, here's a screenshot for ya! But you can also play the beta NOW! If you haven't grabbed it already, check here for instructions on how to do so: http://forum.stickmangolf.club/announcement/5-golf-blitz-beta-is-live/
  17. McBuckets


    Anyone can add my code which is W7IZZY
  18. Thank you so much for the update. I can’t wait. Can you post a screenshot of the game possibly? The video didn’t reveal anything. Thank you!
  19. Maybe not exactly SSG4, but we have something new and incredibly fun for you all! Check out the announcement, sign up for the beta here: Super Stickman presents GOLF BLITZ ... and join the Discord here for the most up to date and juiciest details: GOLF BLITZ Discord
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