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  2. Nordicgiant13

    Code redemption

    If you all could help me out with redeeming 7 friends: 3Y1U2W Thank you!
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  4. rynoesco

    Super Stickman Golf 4

    So no one knows if there is a new version coming?
  5. Last week
  6. UnforgiveN

    Help! please

    hello I'm playing stickman golf 3 in bluestacks app player 3 on pc I love the game but I've one problem. I can't view my cards. my game isn't modded please help basically i've claimed some cards but nothing shows
  7. David Dafoe


    I will create Core!
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  9. rynoesco

    Super Stickman Golf 4

    Any word on if there is a version 4 coming soon? If so, I can’t wait. I absolutely love this game.
  10. alec1123

    Referral Codes


    Referral Codes

  12. BallWacker

    Referral Codes

  13. alec1123

    Hacks / Cheats

  14. alec1123

    Referral Codes

  15. Kinectic_

    Referral Codes

    my code is 3YUQV1 6/7 hurry
  16. Duckling

    Referral Codes

  17. DoodlerDoes

    Referral Codes

    Hey, mine is ZDVDL3. Thanks ;)
  18. nukepartyy

    Super Stickman Golf 3 referral codes

  19. LunarLion

    Referral Codes

    My code is U7LU7W Plz redeem quickly!!!
  20. ironminer93

    Referral Codes

    code : DF7I2V 1/7 Redeemed pls use Super stickman golf 3
  21. ZrMz_x

    Unable to Purchase Premium Upgrade

    Mac - Latest Update, what ever that maybe
  22. Jed

    Missing Hats and Content after reinstall of SSG3

    Hello @Hamster100 thanks for reporting this issue! Yeah, the IAP restore button isn't going to help in this case. It doesn't restore any progression, only any purchases you previously made from the Pro Shop. One question, was your Single Player progress restored when you transferred devices or did that get lost as well. Specifically, are you able to access all the same tours and courses you had unlocked on your old device?
  23. Hi I recently had to get a replacement phone after my other got damaged, and therefore I had to reinstall SG3. But when I had reinstalled and using the exact same iCloud account, the current turn based games in progress were there by I was missing all of my content such as hats and golfers that I had earned from previous games. Now I cannot use these for my turn based games. I can confirm that the account on the phone is the same, and connected to Game Center - Hence being able to resume the turn based games. I am using an iPhone 7 on the latest IOS version. I have also tried to restore IAP from the menu, but this doesn't seem to do anything at all. Any suggestions?
  24. Kinectic_

    Referral Codes

    3YUQV1 please give me codes im a new player and i want to start off good too
  25. zinkoid


    3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10 3LDL9V 0/10
  26. amma234

    Referral Codes

  27. Evla003

    Referral Codes

  28. Caddyshaq

    Issue with Gingerbread Road in Turn Based game

    I've lost track of how many times I've tried and failed. I've seen maybe two or three other players get past it, so I know it can be done, but I've stopped playing this course for that one spot So I've course I just tried it in practice mode and made it! Thanks for the hint about going faster, that did the trick
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