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    There should be an option to buy a Premium Card pack that is guaranteed to provide a new card for you, similar to playing the lottery in SSG2 where you can pay enough Bux to guarantee a high winning percentage. I have 4 more hats remaining which are all of the ultra rare type, and i'm guessing it will take hundreds of cards packs to get them.... It can be priced aggressively like 500 or 1000 Bux for the premium card pack, but it is getting old when I keep getting 4 cards of existing Hats, Golfers and Trails... It would be nice to know that if I earned or paid for 500 Bux that I'd be guaranteed of getting something new.
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    Running Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0.2 Problems are 1) Race mode almost never makes a match. If it does I may or may not get a match out of it but if I replay the same person the game usually crashes by shutting down completely and going back to the Home Screen on my phone 2) Turn based mode is hugely laggy on the choose match screen - usually takes about 20 seconds or more to choose a different match to play (the first one is often okay it's just when I want to play the next match in my list). Similar problems when trying to select a concluded game to start a rematch.
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    Still no success with race mode. Also, turn based games menu is painfully laggy.
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    Well, after a few hours of no problems in race mode...I can't play 4 players race mode anymore. Race mode 2 players, 1 of every 10 tries work. Galaxy S5 Android 6.0.1
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    I'm on a Galaxy S5, running Android 5.1.1. Most of the time it's unresponsive, tries to connect without success. Has happened on WiFi and without. Was able to start one game today, only for my opponent to quit after one hole : / I'm also getting the "Google Play has stopped" message mentioned above... in SSG3 and SSG2. Usually leaves the game glitchy, things pause briefly and restart