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  1. Hi @jsoaem, your trophies sync because they are tied to your Game Center account. So if you're using the same account on both Mac and iOS they should transfer over. The premium upgrade, however, is separate and does not sync across platforms. A premium upgrade can be restored if you uninstall/reinstall but only on the platform you made the purchase for.
  2. Hello @BleuBeast, thanks for the heads up! I don't think this is a common issue but we'll certainly look into it! Could you perhaps reply or message me directly with: Your device brand and model Your operating system version This will really help us narrow in on what's causing the issue. Thanks again!
  3. Hi @China>Rider! No, the two services do not interact in any way so this is not possible right now. You can play against people with Android devices in Turn Based but race mode is not cross-platform. But don't worry, we are working on a solution to support cross-platform multiplayer in the future.
  4. Hi @schveiguy, thanks for the great suggestion! I think that could be really fun. I've submitted it to the rest of the dev team to discuss further
  5. Hi @China>Rider, there are leaderboards for the main courses, you can tab between Stats and Scores - which shows your Game Center or Google Play friends. Downloadable courses do not have this feature though and this is because of the limitations of GC and GPlay leaderboards and how they work with downloadable content. So for now, 3rd party sources are the only way to compare friend scores in the downloadable courses.
  6. Hey Stickman Golfers! Are you ready for a new course to test your skills on? I know I am! Well, you're in luck! Flip over to the downloadable courses in SSG3 and grab the "redux" of "Low-Poly Land"; LOW-PORTAL LAND! We look forward to seeing your awesome trick shots and amazing Race Mode replays in this fan favorite with a new twist! Enjoy, friends.
  7. Hold tight my friend. Rapid fire classic (with a twist) courses coming in 2017
  8. Thanks @China>Rider, we've been trying to replicate and fix your issue but haven't been able to. It's quite likely that it was an issue with Game Center as there are many, but I haven't seen that one before. Very happy that you got it working, and thanks for the extra info!
  9. There doesn't seem to be any abnormal issues at this time. I've been able to connect and play several matches successfully. A couple trouble shooting suggestions: Are you able to try a different network so that you can rule out or confirm network/connectivity issues? Perhaps you could try a different game that supports Game Center matchmaking and see if that connect successfully for you.
  10. Hello @Spearoux, we have included Apple's iCloud saving so that you can share progress across devices. However, we can't recommend relying on this for recovering progress after deleting the app. It works sometimes but most often this cloud file gets deleted by iOS along with the app. Are you encountering an issue that we could help you resolve?
  11. bug

    Thanks for reporting your issue @KlassikKiller. Could you share you device model and Android version with us? That'll help us to recreate and isolate the bug you're encountering.
  12. There isn't currently a way to do this @TBoy123, but thanks for the suggestion. I'll pass it along to our developers.
  13. Hello @Shawnee and @KlassikKiller, have you updated recently? We released a patch on Nov 17 which seems to have resolved matchmaking issues for most people.
  14. So we've decided to make our SSG3 editor publicly available for anyone who would like to experiment with it. You can download the app as well as some sample courses here: Requirements: A Mac running Yosemite or better. Photoshop or other graphic application to draw the terrain. Please note: The entire application is completely un-documented and there isn't a help file because we all know how to use it here at Noodlecake but here are some brief instructions: You'll need to design courses in a program like Photoshop. Once your course is designed you must export your terrain images then import them into the editor: Copy/paste image data into the editor stage Or drag and drop png's onto the editor's stage. We found a good workflow to be: Design the hole in photoshop, select the entire hole then copy/paste it into the editor. Then tweaking positions, flags, sticky, etc, after the course has been pasted onto the stage. We've included about 6 courses that we've designed in the package so people can load those up to see how we developed those courses. Feel free to post with any questions, we'll do our best to answer them. Have fun and enjoy!
  15. Hey @DirtyRat91, so glad to hear that you got to enjoy a couple Race Mode matches without issue! We released a patch on the 17th that seems to have largely solved the matchmaking issues on Android, so it should be smooth sailing for you now This Telegram option sounds like a great way for fans to connect. I'd love to join but that link doesn't seem to work for me... nothing happens when I click join. Perhaps the chat is closed temporarily.