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  1. @Cohezion nice! when i finally got my clean ball on inconceivable, it was a gold star too. felt great!
  2. guide

    Nice write up. Thanks!
  3. @Nexam If you click on the Super Ball card, it says "Get 20 trophies to unlock". I don't remember how or when I got Free Ball.
  4. Nice. I'm only at 15 myself, but I'm close to the 3000 stroke trophy. Then I guess I'll just have to play a ton of multiplayer. The only other trophies I don't have are for unlocking all the characters and hats, which I doubt I can do anytime soon.
  5. Yeah, I think you're right. Now i remember there being a lot more hole-specific trophies in SSG2.
  6. Super Ball requires 20 trophies to acquire?! That seems like a typo. I've acquired all the other powerups and I'm nowhere close to 20 trophies. Wasnt this one of the first powerups you acquire in SSG2?
  7. bug

    There's an invisible patch of sticky on Laser Sub #7
  8. interesting. might want to take this information down before people start exploiting it.
  9. bug

    Could be no players are currently looking for a match? Would love it if NC made race mode cross-platform
  10. i got my last clean ball tonight (improbable was a beast!) so now i want to hunt secret portals!!! time to spray and pray!
  11. Anybody figure out the secret portal on Beach Land #3? I'm sure there are more, but this is the first one that I've seen so far.