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  1. Sounds dreadful to me. I don't play turn-based simply because there's so much waiting involved. I can only imagine how long it would take to complete a foursome turn-based game... Race mode is where it's at for me simply for the fact that you can start and finish a game in the same sitting.
  2. Just curious... I've only ever played on iOS (been playing since the original, race mode got me hooked in no time!). In race mode (SSG3), do players using Apple's GameCenter ever compete against players on Android devices (is it called Google Play?)
  3. Problem is I don't have any Game Center friends nor do I have any idea how I would develop a list of Game Center friends. Especially now that Apple removed the Game Center app from iOS... I was thinking more along the lines of a leaderboard that compared scores / times for everyone in general, not just 'friends.'
  4. Thanks! Loved this course on SSG2! Already got all four awards on SSG3 (clean ball, gold star, golf bucks and ghost hole). It got me to thinking, is there any way to compare scores without having an extensive friend network on social media? I only play multiplayer race mode as once I've obtained all four 'badges' for a course in single player, it holds no value for me. I know I can beat my best score or beat my best time but without being able to compare to others it just doesn't work for me... Am I missing something? It would be neat to have a leaderboard of fastest times for any given course or best score for any given course. Does that exist? Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm an old man with little knowledge of the social media aspect of things...
  5. I agree, seems too easy now. 1st place on the first try pretty much every time like schveiguy said. I think I'm at least in the top 10% of players with regards to speed when using powerups, for what it's worth, based on my experience with iOS online races.
  6. QUQDDS thanks
  7. QUQDDS Thanks.
  8. QUQDDS Thanks!
  9. So... as fate would have it, today's daily race for me was 2 or 3 golfers hitting a laser ball before I could hit it. That means they were about as quick as humanly possible as it doesn't take more than half-a-second to hit Powerup, LaserBall, Swing. This was Stony Grav Land hole 5 and if you shoot the LaserBall properly you sink it. There is a small amount of aiming involved... Still no more than a fraction of a second until you swing. Ultimately I had to spin the ball just right before it hit the green so it would literally bounce into the hole before the other balls rolled into the hole. I think your delay was longer than mine but it made me think of you when I had to play a dozen or more times before I won. At any rate, did you ever complete yours on Shipyard? How did you record that video, are you on a Mac?
  10. I agree the red ball seems to have a head start but all you have to do is hit a swish and you'll beat him. Not saying a swish is easy, but if you try again and again you'll get one sooner or later.
  11. Yes, my game on iOS does the same thing. Not a big deal in my opinion, as the only reason to use laser ball is to shoot it to the wall on the left and you obviously know how to do that per your pictures above. Definitely a glitch, though.
  12. I was able to resolve the issue but I'm not 100% sure how I did it... I think it was ultimately due to the fact that I signed out of GameCenter on both of my devices (iPhone and iPad). Everything seems to be back to normal...
  13. Tried with my iPhone today, using cellular LTE connection and I have the same issue which leads me to believe it's not network related... Any suggestion as to how to further troubleshoot this? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but still get the same results...
  14. As another point of reference, I tried using my son's iPad to play online from the same network and I got the same results. This time I timed it. Starts a 2-4 player game looking for three additional players. After 30 seconds, it looks like it's going to connect, drops player 4 and sometimes player 3, and then times out after 2 minutes... I've timed it twice now and it was the same each time 30 seconds to look like it's going to connect since player 4 is dropped and then 120 seconds after that it times out with the 'communicating with the server' error... Next step is to try another network. The daily race has worked fine if that means anything...
  15. In SuperStickmanGolf3 you can only enter one referral code. In FlappyGolf2 you can enter multiple (I don't know what the limit is).