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  1. bug

    If you are having issues with Race Mode, please try signing out of and back into your Game Center Account. That is now located in the Settings App, under Game Center (below Music, Video, Photos, etc.)
  2. Locking this as I've started a convo with @AliS22 in private messages.
  3. More courses are definitely coming. I'd also suggest you check out Flappy Golf 2.
  4. Honestly, I'm not sure how many more times I can post that gif.
  5. Hey Spamymaps, really sorry to hear about this. We have iCloud (iOS) & Google Play Cloud Save (Android) integrated but they don't work 100% of the time. Can you send me a DM and I'll work on getting you up and running again?
  6. bug

    Hey @essequattro, we took a look at the achievement issues. We have made some improvements to the race mode point system which should hopefully help get you that achievement in the next update. As for the big bux achievement, please note that if you have purchased premium then you need to get big bux on all of the downloadable courses as well to unlock the achievement.
  7. bug

    Hey @essequattro, the online play mode issue, sound like you aren't logged into Game Center. You may have to launch the Game Center app, sign out, and sign back in. We're looking into the achievements issue.
  8. We are still attempting to solve some Bluetooth issues. Currently please be sure that you are both on the same iOS version. Also keep your Wifi on, even if you are not connected to a network.
  9. Hey Rob; can you send me a direct message and I'll look into this?
  10. Re: backup are you on Android or iOS? On iOS if you are doing a full restore of your phone, just be sure that you have a full iCloud backup. On Android, there is Cloud save, but we do know that occasionally it can fail. To be sure, I'd recommend trying out something like Helium:
  11. We're still planning to release new downloadable courses every few weeks. No news re: level editor.
  12. Hey @OxfordRob; the daily challenges use an algorithm to pick which replays you play against. We're always trying to improve it and make it so that these sort of impossible challenges don't happen. Thanks for the feedback, we'll continue tweaking on our end!
  13. bug

    Thanks @Jan, I've filed this as a bug with the team. Sorry about that!
  14. Hey @Deadweight1123; there is no way for us to sync your progress but we may be able to move your username to your new device. Could you email our support team at and reference this post? Be sure to reply to our auto-reply system as well, which verifies you are a person and puts the ticket into our queue.