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  1. I saw today that there were 3 new courses available. Two have bux to collect but one has zero, is this a glitch or was it intentional? Just curious
  2. New downloadable course with zero bux?

    Awesome, thanks! Seemed a little odd that there was a level without bux to collect. I love these levels from previous games being added!
  3. Flappy golf 2 referral codes

    Mine is PH5DNW. Only 3 left so be quick... thanks!
  4. SSG3 Code please redeem

    My code is JWW79V, only redeemed once so far
  5. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    I was wondering if there's a way to tell if my referral code is working? I've posted it a couple times on here, and my posts are being viewed but the code isn't being redeemed. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Referral Codes

    Any help would be much appreciated, my code is JWW79V
  7. Flappy golf 2 referral codes

    Please redeem my code, FH5DNW. 5 of 10 still available. Any help is greatly appreciated ?
  8. Referral Codes

    Hey everyone, please redeem my code, JWW79V. 6 of 7 still available. Any help is greatly appreciated ?
  9. Referral Codes

    Please redeem my code JWW79V. I lost my Google Play Games login info when i got a new phone, had to start over. The cards would be extremely helpful
  10. Please help... I had to start over

    I upgraded my phone, and SSG3 was transferred over from my previous model. But I can't remember my Google Play Games log in info, and I lost all my progress. So if anyone is able to redeem my code I would very much appreciate it
  11. Referral Codes

  12. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    I'm sure others have experienced this... it has to be a cheat, right? I was playing a turn based game, and my opponent's ball went in the water on stroke six. Then I got a "replay error" message, and he was credited with a score of five for that hole. I've lost count of how many times this has happened, and I don't believe this is a game glitch, but an intentional score cheat...
  13. Referral Codes

    Only one redemption left... so close!!! Can one more person please redeem 8LS7Z for me?
  14. Referral Codes

    Mine is 8LS7Z. 5 down, only two to go... please help if you can
  15. Referral Codes

    My code is 8LS7Z, I have 4 still available... any help is much appreciated!
  16. Referral Codes

    Please redeem 8LS7Z... only 2 of 7 so far
  17. Referral Codes

    My code is 8LS7Z. Only 2 redemptions so far, any help is greatly appreciated...
  18. Referral Codes

    8LS7Z... got into the recruitment game late, still sitting at 0 out of 7 : /
  19. Referral Codes

  20. Referral Codes

    Please redeem my code, 8Y8W, for Flappy Golf 2... 1st person to post theirs, I'll do the same : )
  21. Referral Codes

    Flappy Golf 2, 8Y8W for recruitment please... need the new Golden Eggs!
  22. WAGER$

    I'm assuming he means earning bux to purchase cards... for every 40 bux you have, you can buy one card
  23. All ghost flags locations

    Not sure what this glitch is... went back to the first game and couldn't figure out what's happening here?
  24. Flappy Golf

    I've selected Flappy Golf in Race Mode four times, and every time what my opponent picked was what we played. Never been able to play race mode on the actual Flappy Golf game since I'm on Android...