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  1. bug

    Hey guys, Thanks for the bug reports, we do read and track these issues even if we don't always have time to respond to the post! Just wanted to say thanks for helping us make the game better!
  2. Yeah, we're aware of the issue and we're working on a fix. However, we're not just planning to make a quick fix or patch instead we're working on a complete rewrite of our multiplayer functionality. This is a huge project that is going to take us time to work out. We've heard the complaints from the community regarding people using modified versions of the game to cheat and we're going to ensure that won't be a problem for the SSG series going forward.
  3. Help me out guys! SD75F
  4. Hey guys, Have you noticed that this problem has been better recently? We made some changes a few weeks ago to hopefully make the daily race more fair.
  5. bug

    Can you upload a screenshot of what that looks like?