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  1. ZDJPYL is my referral code, put it. In flappy golf for free gold eggs!
  2. 7 more, code is 8LZ2S1
  3. Hey everyone. There is a new update to Flappy Golf 2. Noodlecake has added referral code rewards. So thought I would start a topic like the one currently for Super Stickman 3. So Everyone post your codes My code is 8AJD. Thank you
  4. Please redeem my code, 8Y8W, for Flappy Golf 2... 1st person to post theirs, I'll do the same : )
  5. I've already logged too much time play SSG3, but are there are plans to have a Flappy Golf single player mode? It is nice to have it as a Race Mode, but I look forward to stars/superstars with the new courses.