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  1. Jed

    why no new courses for ssg3

    It's because all hands are on deck, working on something new for you 😀 Stay posted
  2. Jed


  3. Jed

    Missing Hats and Content after reinstall of SSG3

    Hello @Hamster100 thanks for reporting this issue! Yeah, the IAP restore button isn't going to help in this case. It doesn't restore any progression, only any purchases you previously made from the Pro Shop. One question, was your Single Player progress restored when you transferred devices or did that get lost as well. Specifically, are you able to access all the same tours and courses you had unlocked on your old device?
  4. Jed

    Unable to Purchase Premium Upgrade

    Hey @ZrMz_x thanks for trying to buy our game and bringing this to our attention! I'm not sure what the issue would be there but we can look into it! Could you tell me what your device and operating system are?
  5. Jed


    Thanks for reporting this issue @Deete123 we'll look into it.
  6. Jed


    Hello @Deete123, thanks for playing Stickman Golf! Are you having trouble with SSG2 or 3? I noticed you tagged this as "ssg2" so I assume it's SSG2, but just confirming.
  7. Jed

    Bug Flakes Hole 6

    Thanks @Spearoux and @Caddyshaq, we have confirmed that this is a bug and have pushed a fix for it. You should be prompted to download the course again and the bug will be fixed in that update!
  8. Jed

    New phone different operating system

    Hi @Stormtrix, unfortunately game progress cannot transfer across platforms either. SSG3 has cloud save but it's platform specific. This means that you can restore your progress if you switch devices but it only works when going from Android to another Android or iOS to another iOS device. We can, however, recover your turn-based games. Please set up a username for turn-based on your new device then send me a direct message with both your OLD USERNAME and your NEW ONE. We can then link your old turn-based games with your new profile on our servers. Hopefully that helps!
  9. Jed


    Hi @Paul MCFC, could you reply with your device and operating system version number? We can look into the issue from there. Thanks!
  10. Jed

    New phone different operating system

    Hi @Heartstock, in app purchases are linked to your store account (in your case your Apple App Store account) so they can't be synced across platforms. It's like if you buy a game for Xbox... unfortunately you have to buy it again if you want to play it on PS4.
  11. Jed

    My game keeps crashing when i open the application

    Hello @Aston Sergeant, thank you for reporting this issue you're encountering. Could you please tell me which version of Mac OS you are currently running? Click on the Apple icon in your menu bar then "About this Mac" to see your OS version number. Thanks!
  12. Jed

    Bugs / Glitches etc.

    Hey @Cyberwolf, which version of Android are you currently using?
  13. Jed

    New downloadable course with zero bux?

    Thanks for reporting this @Caddyshaq. This is a bug and we're already working on a solution. Stay tuned!
  14. Jed

    Anyone up for a friendly race competition?

    There are some fans on the SSG3 subreddit who like to organize tournaments. I bet you could get some people on board for a race tourney by posting there https://www.reddit.com/r/ssg3/
  15. Jed


    Thanks @StanTheCady, I don't think we've seen this one before! I've informed the development and QA team, we'll look into. Really appreciate you bringing it to our attention!