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  1. New phone different operating system

    Hi @Heartstock, in app purchases are linked to your store account (in your case your Apple App Store account) so they can't be synced across platforms. It's like if you buy a game for Xbox... unfortunately you have to buy it again if you want to play it on PS4.
  2. My game keeps crashing when i open the application

    Hello @Aston Sergeant, thank you for reporting this issue you're encountering. Could you please tell me which version of Mac OS you are currently running? Click on the Apple icon in your menu bar then "About this Mac" to see your OS version number. Thanks!
  3. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    Hey @Cyberwolf, which version of Android are you currently using?
  4. New downloadable course with zero bux?

    Thanks for reporting this @Caddyshaq. This is a bug and we're already working on a solution. Stay tuned!
  5. Anyone up for a friendly race competition?

    There are some fans on the SSG3 subreddit who like to organize tournaments. I bet you could get some people on board for a race tourney by posting there https://www.reddit.com/r/ssg3/
  6. Glitch

    Thanks @StanTheCady, I don't think we've seen this one before! I've informed the development and QA team, we'll look into. Really appreciate you bringing it to our attention!
  7. Glitch

    You're certainly welcome, thanks for playing our game! The fix is now live, you should see an update already, or if not... very soon. Sorry for the trouble friends!
  8. Glitch

    Hello Friends! Thanks for reporting this bug. It seems we are experiencing technical difficulties, please bear with us We are aware of this issue which is impacting select devices and are working feverishly to resolve it! For ongoing updates feel free to follow us on twitter: ...and I'll be sure to post here to let you fine folks know once the update + fix are available.
  9. Restoring iap

    Hi @jsoaem, your trophies sync because they are tied to your Game Center account. So if you're using the same account on both Mac and iOS they should transfer over. The premium upgrade, however, is separate and does not sync across platforms. A premium upgrade can be restored if you uninstall/reinstall but only on the platform you made the purchase for.
  10. Trophies

    Hello @BleuBeast, thanks for the heads up! I don't think this is a common issue but we'll certainly look into it! Could you perhaps reply or message me directly with: Your device brand and model Your operating system version https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201685 http://www.wikihow.com/Check-What-Android-Version-You-Have This will really help us narrow in on what's causing the issue. Thanks again!
  11. Do GameCenter players see Google Play players?

    Hi @China>Rider! No, the two services do not interact in any way so this is not possible right now. You can play against people with Android devices in Turn Based but race mode is not cross-platform. But don't worry, we are working on a solution to support cross-platform multiplayer in the future.
  12. Enhancement request: required hats

    Hi @schveiguy, thanks for the great suggestion! I think that could be really fun. I've submitted it to the rest of the dev team to discuss further
  13. New Downloadable Course Available!

    Hi @China>Rider, there are leaderboards for the main courses, you can tab between Stats and Scores - which shows your Game Center or Google Play friends. Downloadable courses do not have this feature though and this is because of the limitations of GC and GPlay leaderboards and how they work with downloadable content. So for now, 3rd party sources are the only way to compare friend scores in the downloadable courses.
  14. Hey Stickman Golfers! Are you ready for a new course to test your skills on? I know I am! Well, you're in luck! Flip over to the downloadable courses in SSG3 and grab the "redux" of "Low-Poly Land"; LOW-PORTAL LAND! We look forward to seeing your awesome trick shots and amazing Race Mode replays in this fan favorite with a new twist! Enjoy, friends.
  15. New courses

    Hold tight my friend. Rapid fire classic (with a twist) courses coming in 2017 https://everyplay.com/videos/39827173