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  1. Glitch

    My pleasure Jed, I love this game! btw.. Both times I got stuck were from the T shot, jumping over the cloud and rolling it into position is just to show how and where it gets stuck.
  2. Glitch

    Here is the spot on hole 4 in gravity clouds. If you pop a shot over to where you see me in the pic then roll a shot over to the "up vortex" the ball will get stuck and just go in circles. If I remember correctly I still wasn't able to get out using the spin. Maybe if you reshape the left side of that cloud.
  3. Glitch

    Oooooooo doggies Jed thanks! Do people ever report where a ball gets stuck to a point the app has to be closed? i know of a spot I've been stuck twice. I can snap shot it and circle the spot.
  4. Glitch

    Thanks Jed. Live long and prosper...
  5. Glitch

    YES! ***? I'm getting it on every hole with my iphone 6+ But it works fine on my iPad. Frustrating when I'm out and about and want to play on my phone.