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  1. Spencer

    Daily Race today was quite LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE

    Any challengers you see will only use hats/powerups that you also have access to, so you should be able to wear the same hat to get the faster power meter if necessary.
  2. Spencer

    Daily Race today was quite LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE

    That's too bad. Sounds like maybe there were a couple 'bad' opponent replays in your challenge. We're going to do a few behind-the-scenes tweaks soon that will improve the quality of the challenges.
  3. Spencer

    Daily Race Mode: Difficulty

    You should be guaranteed a new card in the pack you get from the 5th Daily Race -- this includes the powerup cards since version 1.5. If you don't have all the other cards yet it will give you brand new cards before stacking on the powerup cards you haven't maxed out.
  4. Spencer

    Bluetooth multiplayer issues

    @Spearoux correct. As long as you have WiFi on you should be able to play local multiplayer.
  5. Spencer

    Bluetooth multiplayer issues

    There is a bug in iOS 10 that is causing the Bluetooth issue. We recommend using local Wi-Fi instead. You don't need to be connected to a hotspot for local multiplayer to work, just make sure everyone has Wi-Fi turned on.
  6. Spencer

    Looking for Google Play Beta Testers

    @Zer0TheHer0 reporting issues here is good for now. We might set up something else in the future.
  7. Spencer

    Looking for Google Play Beta Testers

    Hey Grande1313, Thanks for joining the beta group! That second link should be working for you now.
  8. Hey Everyone, We're looking for beta testers that are willing to help us test out new updates as they come down the pipe for our Google Play versions. Anyone who wishes to become a beta tester please consider the following: Beta releases will not be magical fixes for all your problems. Beta releases will potentially be unstable, and there is a small chance that some of your progress could be lost. I recommend beta testers do manual backups of their progress or use a secondary Google Play account/device, or be willing to start from scratch if things go wrong. Testers should be willing to work back-and-forth with us a bit if they discover an issue that is hard to reproduce. If you want to become a beta tester, this should get you there: Join our Google+ community with the google account you want to test with Visit https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.noodlecake.ssg3 to become a beta tester The first beta will include some fixes and a new feature: replay sharing. It should be updated in the next couple of days.
  9. Spencer

    Cross-platform race mode multiplayer

    Cloud syncing is coming to Android in the next update (this week). For race mode, you can only play that with other players on the same platform (Android can only play against Android, iOS against iOS). This won't be changing (for technical reasons). As you've already discovered, you can play turn-based matches against players on either platform.