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  1. SuperStickman

    Custom Courses Unite!

    Unlikely to be much of any interest unless the editor is added to the mobile version.
  2. SuperStickman

    Stuff to do

    You could try copying some of my shots.
  3. SuperStickman

    Little black flag icon?

    It means you've found the ghost flag for that course.
  4. SuperStickman

    Bugs / Glitches etc.

    No thoughts or explanations on how despite winning this match, I 'lost' the match?
  5. SuperStickman

    Hacks / Cheats

    Turns out that your opponent's powerups get shown as the number of powerups they had available at the end of their turn, not at the start. Weird...
  6. SuperStickman

    Bugs / Glitches etc.

  7. SuperStickman

    Bugs / Glitches etc.

    Please be replay sharing. Please be replay sharing. Please be replay sharing. Please be replay sharing. Please be replay sharing. Please be replay sharing. Please be replay sharing. Please be replay sharing. Please be replay sharing.
  8. SuperStickman

    Hacks / Cheats

    OK cheers.
  9. SuperStickman

    Hacks / Cheats

    So this happened yesterday: After hole 8 it clearly shows my opponent has 0 powerups left, so I think I'm in with a chance to save the match. Then my opponent uses 2 powerups on hole 9 and they insist they aren't a hacker or a cheater, so what's going on here? I did a little investigation in game to see if I can work out some possible explanations for this and in doing so I found an exploitable glitch that allows players (without jailbreaks or any other third party stuff) to cheat for extra XP, bux, powerups and lower multiplayer scores. Oh boy..... So yeah, don't go rushing into playing any big wager matches with strangers anytime soon. Are you aware of this exploit team Noodlecake?
  10. SuperStickman


    Next: Get a swish -1 from the tee off on Hole 4 of Laser Sub (i.e. without using any FREE SHOT powerups).
  11. SuperStickman


    I'll go you 1 better for a -1 (I also think a -2 is possible with the right rebound).
  12. SuperStickman

    The cool it down trophy?

    Super Ball = Fireball powerup that shoots your ball 200% further. Check the POWER tab and see if you have unlocked the "Super Ball" yet.
  13. SuperStickman


    Am I missing something here? For every 40 bux you have, you can buy one card pack. One card pack gives you 4 cards, the overwhelming majority of which will be cards that you have already unlocked. What I was getting at is trying to unlock the last few cards (for me it was the Gold Crown and Explorer Hat) by playing multiplayer in order to grind bux to buy card packs, is a complete waste of time and bux. The ONLY way I was able to unlock the last few cards was by earning the card pack at the end of the Daily Race challenge that GUARANTEES you will get a new card. TL;DR Purchased card packs give incredibly low chance to unlock new cards. Daily Race mode guarantees you'll unlock new cards.
  14. SuperStickman

    All ghost flags locations

    Look where the Stickman has taken the shot from. How is that possible?
  15. SuperStickman


    It's easy to say that but you're completely ignoring the reality of how many staff and how many hours of development that would that require to implement and test.