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    Game Freezes after the ball hits the hole

    Hi Derek, I am cautiously optimistic. Force stopping the game via "open System Settings → Applications → SSG3 → Force Stop" after playing seems to help. Freezing still happens occasionally, but much less often. Incidentally, something that struck me: I also tried to move the game from my SD-Card to the device storage and then my tablet rebooted spontaneously. However, this did not help, so I moved the game back on the SD-Card and that happened without a reboot of my device.
  2. oen Coen

    Game Freezes after the ball hits the hole

    Hi Derek, thank you very much for your quick and comprehensive answer. I'm going to try all your tips. So far I have only cleared the cache and closed all background applications and then played Gravity Lab, but at the last hole the game got stuck again. Could it be that at that moment the game wants to save my score on Google games and that something goes wrong there? I will keep you informed of my further experiments. thanks again! Oh and bye the way, according to Google Play Store I have the latest version (1.7.20) and I have checked my device storage: 5.96 GB free from 16 GB on the device itself and 28 GB free from 29 GB on my sd cart.
  3. Is it my Samsung SM-T520, Android 4.4.2? I can hardly finish a course without the game freezing at the moment the ball drops in the hole. Usually this happens at the last hole (9), but sometimes also at other holes. If this happens the only thing I can do is kill the game. I have removed and reinstalled ssg3 many times, but that does not help. Turn Based games are therefore unplayable, because if I want to play the course again after the crash, I start with the score I had on the moment of the crash. I hope that there is a solution, because I like ssg3 very much. For the time being, however, I started to play ssg2 again, and that one works perfectly.