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  1. Spearoux

    Bug Flakes Hole 6

    In hole 6 of flakes the ghost hole is in the center but it’s impossible to enter the ghost hole as shown by the image
  2. Spearoux

    Saved Data

    @Jed no I did not have this problem I was just wondering
  3. Spearoux

    Saved Data

    On a iPhone 6S will data be saved if I delete and re download the app?
  4. Spearoux

    Suggestion Box

    Agreed daily challenges have gotten so hard to do especially the last course impossible land or whatever it's called
  5. Spearoux


    For anyone that cares I would recommend going into flappy golf mode and just flapping everywhere until you find it
  6. Spearoux

    Daily Race today was quite LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE

    @Spencer something that you could do is make it so people with the fast power bar can't be used for race mode
  7. Spearoux

    Race Mode Multiplayer

    No that would not be good because most games are local so you know who you are playing with and people have to leave
  8. Spearoux


    Is there anything that determines how much a ball spins? Sometimes it spins a lot and other times it barely spins
  9. Spearoux

    What does the VR hat do?

    So it's something with acid but I'm not sure what
  10. Spearoux

    Bluetooth multiplayer issues

    @Spencer so we don't need to be connected to a wifi?
  11. Spearoux

    What does the VR hat do?

    I tested with acid it does not help.
  12. Spearoux

    Bluetooth multiplayer issues

    @Jed i am also having this problem. I am almost positive it has something to do with IOS 10
  13. Spearoux

    Max Level of Powerups

    What is the max level of all the powerups?
  14. Spearoux

    Referral Codes

    Mines Is FIW2V