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  1. yeah that's true. and probably a pc editor too. I'll make a thread on Reddit too to see if anybody there has interest just in case because there isn't much activity here.
  2. So Noodlecake actually released a real editor for custom courses. However, there is bare minimum to none interest of what I see in actual custom courses. So let’s try to start a thread to get more interest! I’ve made one crappy course to try and get used to the editor so if you want to play it uhh I think it could be classified as abstract art? 🤔🤨 I don’t mind if you use the infinite portal room I actually thought that was pretty neat. If anybody has courses to contribute, I’ll try to play them on the macs at my local Best Buy. space.ssg3x.zip
  3. Nobody REALLY knows but if you look up the keyword ssg4 then one of the workers at noodle cake did say that there could be a possible chance of that happening.
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