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  1. What does the VR hat do?

    Like the clip that gif is from says, I'm pretty sure they just don't do anything
  2. Laser Balls and Portals

    Any luck on this? Have you been able to replicate it?
  3. Suggestion Box

    An idea I had for practice mode. Being able to reset to your last position. Sort of a mulligan after you've already holed out. Sometimes I'm trying to practice a shot from a certain spot, but I accidentally make it in the hole and have to replay the hole and get back to that exact spot. Not urgent or anything, but it seems useful if it isn't very difficult to implement.
  4. Laser Balls and Portals

    Mine is on a galaxy s5. I think it's android 4.4. But I had my friend try the same thing. He's on a Note 5 I believe, with updated OS. Just now, I went to hole 4 on portal land to test it out. I can't figure out when or why it comes out the portal a certain way. It does seem to be something to do with angle though. If I mulligan and reshoot it at the same angle, it always comes out the portal the same way as before.
  5. Laser Balls and Portals

    Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. Laser Balls and Portals

    I was trying to play a themed game with my friend where you had to shoot a laser through a portal once per hole. We found that, seemingly randomly, the ball will sometimes come out the portal still as a laser, and sometimes it won't be a laser anymore. Needless to say, this is terrible for consistency. Is there anything that can be fixed with this?
  7. All ghost flags locations

    That's where I learned it
  8. All ghost flags locations

    On most ledges, you can hit the ball so that you gain control of the ball just as it's rolling off the ledge. Then you can hit the ball while it's midair. Then after the penalty stroke from going out of bounds, your next shot will be from floating in the air. I did this one from the top platform. After gaining control, it bounces over the hole, rolls off the green, then I tapped it out of bounds. After that, I just shot it off the wall with spin, through the portal.
  9. All ghost flags locations

    I just finished confirming that every ghost flag can be obtained without powerups. The only hats I needed to use were the Sea Captain and the Action Mouth. Shipyard was the most interesting one.
  10. How is the "Android Leaderboard" score calculated?

    It goes by total strokes, not strokes under par.
  11. Editing posts in this forum

    Thanks a lot. I see the edit button now.
  12. Editing posts in this forum

    Must be a mod only feature. There's nothing next to Quote.
  13. Editing posts in this forum

    Is there any way to edit a post you've previously made? I wanted to keep the Suggestion Box topic I made updated in the first post, but I can't find any way to edit the post.
  14. Suggestion Box

    I thought it would be cool to make a topic and get all the features or ideas that have been suggested for the game throughout the forum. I can edit in any new suggestions and update it with any feedback from the team on whether or not it is being considered. This is for suggestions, not glitches/bug fixes. Feel free to post more and/or weigh in on some of the existing ones. (Classic) High Score Mode - a mode that didn't include swish bonuses or the free ball Replay Sharing - saving and sharing replays of your best shots Silent Multiplayer notifications - Maybe make this able to be toggled. Right now, all notifications make a sound (on android at least) More courses - probably a given Level editor - has been hinted at More hats, trails, and characters More trophies - people seem to be bummed by the lack of hole specific or challenge trophies like we had in SSG2 Additional multiplayer modes - I'm sure you could add some interesting ones in race mode, but I think turn based is where the real opportunities are. On the SSG2 forum, we had some really fun tournaments with very specific rules. I think it would be so much fun to be able to customize the matches as much as possible. Combining powerups, specific hats. I'm just imagining a tournament with nitro super balls while wearing the rubber glove. Wind - this has been hinted at as well More powerups - hazard swap, bouncy ball, no bounce ball. to name a few Updated gravity ball - having the gravity ball reverse the gravity in gravity wells, not just make the ball go up Hole challenges for bux - return from SSG2 Flappy golf for single player - bring it back! More than 2 players in turn based matches Scheduling a race with a particular player in the future Clean Ball high score table Custom turn based courses - selecting your own 9 holes to create a custom course Disable last shot indicator Mulligan from hole out in practice mode
  15. SGS3 vs SGS2

    Of the 3 main changes you noted in this game, I can't really say I'm a fan of any of them. Free Ball - this one is obvious and the worst of the 3. I realize that it would take a hell of a lot of bux and patience, but using the free ball, you can get a -2 on I think all but 2 or 3 holes in the entire game (excluding space land.) This negates every other powerup and hat. It also greatly encourages paying for bux to see yourself at the top of the leaderboards. Swishes - my main reason for not liking this one is the fact that it takes away all hats except the campsite killer. Even without that though, I don't like the idea of going for a swish every shot. It makes 2 clean balls and a swish the same thing as an amazing nitro ball shot without a swish. I recognize that it definitely takes skill to make them, but I'm not at all a fan of the kind of skill it requires. Spin - this is the one that bothers me the least. But call me a purist, I would rather not have it. It makes the game too easy (when you ignore the free ball/swishes). I don't like how you can mess up (sometimes quite horribly) and still easily make the shot. I do, however, really like spin on walls and ceilings. All in all, I'm rather relieved with these things. It will stop me from playing the game for the crazy amount of hours I spent in SSG2. Negatives out of the way, I really like the additions that you pointed out too. I love the new powerups, especially the zigzag ball. I think the other powerups could be made a little more interesting (as described in my Gravity Ball topic.) I also like the ghost flags. They make for some interesting shots and make race mode a little more interesting too.