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  1. Super Ball

    @Cohezion nice! when i finally got my clean ball on inconceivable, it was a gold star too. felt great!
  2. All ghost flags locations

    Nice write up. Thanks!
  3. Super Ball

    @Nexam If you click on the Super Ball card, it says "Get 20 trophies to unlock". I don't remember how or when I got Free Ball.
  4. Super Ball

    Nice. I'm only at 15 myself, but I'm close to the 3000 stroke trophy. Then I guess I'll just have to play a ton of multiplayer. The only other trophies I don't have are for unlocking all the characters and hats, which I doubt I can do anytime soon.
  5. Super Ball

    Yeah, I think you're right. Now i remember there being a lot more hole-specific trophies in SSG2.
  6. Super Ball

    Super Ball requires 20 trophies to acquire?! That seems like a typo. I've acquired all the other powerups and I'm nowhere close to 20 trophies. Wasnt this one of the first powerups you acquire in SSG2?
  7. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    There's an invisible patch of sticky on Laser Sub #7
  8. Downloadable Courses

    interesting. might want to take this information down before people start exploiting it.
  9. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    Could be no players are currently looking for a match? Would love it if NC made race mode cross-platform
  10. Secrets

    i got my last clean ball tonight (improbable was a beast!) so now i want to hunt secret portals!!! time to spray and pray!
  11. Secrets

    Anybody figure out the secret portal on Beach Land #3? I'm sure there are more, but this is the first one that I've seen so far.