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  1. Is this supported yet? Only contact I've got so far is a friend on iOS and I'm on Android. Turn-based multiplayer works but it can't find his username under race mode. Or do all players need to be on same network? If not implemented yet, are there going to be announcements when these things are fixed / added? Like Android cloud sync also? Thanks!
  2. Google+ login not working?

    Follow on question...I can restore purchases on the tablet but the cards I already opened don't show up. If I play on the tablet then sync to phone later are the cards I received from the premium upgrade gone forever? The restore IAP didn't help with the card packs. Thanks.
  3. Google+ login not working?

    Sorry, meant Google Play Games, not Google+. Thanks for the confirmation. Found the login button under options but it didn't help, at least I know why now. Keep up the good work! Stickman forever!
  4. Google+ login not working?

    First time I fired up this great new game on my phone I saw the Google+ login, just like in SSG2. Haven't seen it since on either phone or tablet and I'm pretty sure it's not working because tablet started out at level 1 w/ no goodies. Is there a trick to making sure SSG3 logs into Google+ to allow syncing progress across devices?