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    Premium Card Packs

    There should be an option to buy a Premium Card pack that is guaranteed to provide a new card for you, similar to playing the lottery in SSG2 where you can pay enough Bux to guarantee a high winning percentage. I have 4 more hats remaining which are all of the ultra rare type, and i'm guessing it will take hundreds of cards packs to get them.... It can be priced aggressively like 500 or 1000 Bux for the premium card pack, but it is getting old when I keep getting 4 cards of existing Hats, Golfers and Trails... It would be nice to know that if I earned or paid for 500 Bux that I'd be guaranteed of getting something new.
  2. Grande1313

    Flappy Golf

    I've already logged too much time play SSG3, but are there are plans to have a Flappy Golf single player mode? It is nice to have it as a Race Mode, but I look forward to stars/superstars with the new courses.
  3. Grande1313

    Looking for Google Play Beta Testers

    I was able to become a member with the first link, but the second gives me the following message: App not available for this account Your account isn't currently eligible for this app's testing program. If you've been invited to become a tester, make sure you're signed in to the account that was invited to the testing program. If you've been invited to a Google Group or Google+ Community as part of the program, make sure you've joined the Group or Community.
  4. Grande1313

    Level 60 unlock?

    I believe I recall in SSG2 you received the golden child golfer for reaching level 60. I've hit level 60 in SSG3 but so far haven't noticed anything new. Has anyone seen anything that I may have missed?
  5. Grande1313

    Level 60 unlock?

    Hmmm, they must have hacked the game or might be testing a future update as i'm pretty sure the level is capped at 60 for now, similar to SSG2. I checked again and didn't see any additional trails available as well.
  6. Grande1313

    Multiplayer notifications

    I have a galaxy s6, android 6.0.1. Perhaps it has something to do with upgrading to android 6, but I know previously I had silent notifications appear for SSG2 and those same notifications have sound for SSG3.
  7. Grande1313

    Multiplayer notifications

    Is there any way to get silent notifications to appear for android for the turn based games? I believe it was that was in SSG2, but if I have them turned on in SSG3 I still get a notification sound unless I make my entire phone silent. I like getting the notification in my task bar, but just need an icon option with no sound if possible....
  8. Grande1313

    Downloadable Courses

    At some point will the DLC courses be grouped into special DLC tours? It is harder to keep track of the courses in a big list and that will just become a bigger issue as more courses are released.
  9. Grande1313

    Downloadable Courses

    My stats and achievements (Stars, Clean Ball, Bux, Ghost Flag) reset for all the downloadable courses each time I load up the game?. Is this an error or is this intended? It would be nice to know what courses I've already completed from the downloadable list.
  10. Grande1313

    Bugs / Glitches etc.

    My google play has stopped as well pretty much every time I play turn based games. I'm on galaxy s6, with the latest android and google play services installed. Also, the longer I have turn based screen open the longer it takes to load each game, eventually making me restart the game to just load another turn based match.
  11. Grande1313


    Disguise: Giant Golfer Mode
  12. Grande1313

    Undeserved Clean Ball

    Clean Ball is for not using powerups and not being over par
  13. Grande1313

    Premium Card Packs

    Another option would be to be able to buy individual hats, etc for a price. Like the gold crown would cost 1000 Bux
  14. Grande1313

    Flappy Golf

    I'm ready to Beta test!!!
  15. Grande1313

    Downloadable Courses

    I'm on android using a Galaxy S6 with the latest version of android.