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  1. I've lost track of how many times I've tried and failed. I've seen maybe two or three other players get past it, so I know it can be done, but I've stopped playing this course for that one spot So I've course I just tried it in practice mode and made it! Thanks for the hint about going faster, that did the trick
  2. Is there a fix coming for this at some point? Usually whoever plays hole 8 first has to quit because they cannot pass this spot... I enjoy this course in Flappy mode but never get to finish a full round
  3. You need to hit your ball onto the sticky edge of the star, bottom right, when the star rotates and the sticky corner leaves the water. I used the laser, though the timing is difficult. When the rotation is complete, you're underwater but still able to hit another shot, into the underwater portal toward the ghost flag
  4. I recently tried to play the Gingerbread Road course, in Flappy Mode, in a turn based game. On hole 8, I got stuck in this spot and haven't found a way to get past it. I had to forfeit the game. Just wondering if a fix is possible as this is the only route to get to the flag
  5. The portal to the ghost hole is on the bottom left side of the gingerbread man with the regular flag on top ofit
  6. Not sure how your ball got stuck directly on top of the hole, but I've gotten mine to go in Did you use the laser ball on our previous shot? The afro cap results in the ball sticking in place after it lands following the use of the laser
  7. Awesome, thanks! Seemed a little odd that there was a level without bux to collect. I love these levels from previous games being added!
  8. I saw today that there were 3 new courses available. Two have bux to collect but one has zero, is this a glitch or was it intentional? Just curious
  9. My code is JWW79V, only redeemed once so far
  10. I was wondering if there's a way to tell if my referral code is working? I've posted it a couple times on here, and my posts are being viewed but the code isn't being redeemed. Any help would be appreciated
  11. Any help would be much appreciated, my code is JWW79V
  12. Hey everyone, please redeem my code, JWW79V. 6 of 7 still available. Any help is greatly appreciated ?
  13. Please redeem my code JWW79V. I lost my Google Play Games login info when i got a new phone, had to start over. The cards would be extremely helpful
  14. I upgraded my phone, and SSG3 was transferred over from my previous model. But I can't remember my Google Play Games log in info, and I lost all my progress. So if anyone is able to redeem my code I would very much appreciate it
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