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    One more please DFS2Y
  2. Daily Race Mode: Difficulty

    China... what level are you? Just curious so we know how rough the challenges are getting as the difficulty increases by level (right?) . Perhaps a setting of "normal" "hard" and "expert" for the challenge would be good, and higher rewards based on which you do.... bonus if you complete all 3 settings?
  3. Daily Race Mode: Difficulty

    I second the post by OxfordRob ... lately they rely on sheer luck, there is ZERO room for error. I understand they shouldnt be a cake walk... but if the AI players are getting a hole in one immediately, it gets frustrating. When you have a split second to get the angle and speed and then cross your fingers and repeat 20 times... you just decide oh well maybe tomorrow.
  4. All ghost flags locations

    found it. hole 2 on Canyon Land
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    DFS2Y is mine.
  6. Daily Race Mode: Difficulty

    Update.... finally got it. have to try and land middle of the sticky on the roof, then have your laser ready to aim directly into the hole and then fire... very little time for this so takes lots of tries, but man there is zero room for error on this one. Good grief today is ridiculously hard! usually within 5 tries i understand what i have to do and how to time it, but it seems today's is a crap shoot. Anyone have any tips besides chip up to the sticky then laser down? the fact that one of them hits it at the exact right moment and "swooshes" from the top leaves no room for error. any tips to avoid waiting for the moving bars? something i'm not thinking of?
  7. Daily Race Mode: Difficulty

    Is daily race broken? I have taken first three days in a row and it has kept me on the $2 bux reward
  8. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    Daily challenge not working for anyone? Three days in a row I've taken first and start back at first challenge the next day.
  9. All ghost flags locations

    How to get to the one on shipyard? i know its the inside of the half post under the hole, by the buck, but i cant figure out how to get over there.
  10. Usually within 3 or 4 tries i have the strategy figured out... today's took a few dozen tries and some practice, and even then i only cleared it by a fraction of a second. (Hole 7 laser shield land)
  11. My son has my old ipad and wants to play SSG3, which I thought was fine, until he was able to access (and mess up) my online friends games, and cause chaos for my stats. As it's my old ipad, it is the same icloud account and itunes/app store user... this has not been an issue on anything until now. Is there a way to disable this sync so he can play without seeing all my courses and friends matches?