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  1. Undeserved Clean Ball

    OK, I got it!!! Only have to be par or under par at the end of the round!!! I was worng, I was trying to get par or under par on all the holes of each course and in fact, had gotten it on almost all the holes of the previous courses (just two holes missing in total Ha!). Thanks for your answer.
  2. Undeserved Clean Ball

    Clean Ball Award is achieved if getting Par or Under-par on ALL the holes only, isn’t it? But there’s a bug: Just getting PAR (or under) on the LAST HOLE (9th) and you'll be Clean Ball awarded anyway. • In other words: I have made Boogeys (over par) when playing 1st to 8th holes… BUT if getting a Par, a Birdie or whatever under par, on Hole 9th, I have been awarded anyway… Thanks also for Super Stickyman 3. I’ll play it when getting a new iPhone with new IOS (I'm no an iPhone4 still, LOL!!!)