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  1. Lost premium upgrade after update

    Almost same situation After an update the game give me free Last Shot Indicator. I bought only premium and double exp, indicator not... I know use it for a few days, but now disappear.
  2. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    Android. Race Mode was unplayable... Never found opponent, or when found, loading loading loading..... (little circle never stop) Or Please Wait. Setting up match... Or the Error message... But in the few days I saw the improvement and the match making system still ****, but finally I know play few game and the system was better... Found easier the opponents, lower non stop loading or stack at "Setting up match" screen. This is not enough, still bad the race mode match making, but "I see the light at end of the tunnel". Keep it up and please fix it. I want play this game, but the offline part of the game was completed for me, turn based game is too long and boring (3-3 turn switching was an amazing idea in the other topic ). So my favourite mode is the Race Mode, so please fix the matchmaking.
  3. All ghost flags locations

    Nitro Ball, No direction change, Copy my power. You need 3 Nitro Boost. Or 3 Sticky Ball
  4. Hole Challenges for Bux

    Everybody miss this... My favourite part of the SSG2 is the Trick Shot or Hole-In-One achievements... Now I have 7 Nitro Boost for the trick shots and I don't know where I can use it...
  5. Daily Race Mode: Difficulty

    I have a few problem with win the Daily Race, but not impossible. Hard, but the prize is balancing this. ---------------------------------------------------- I have all hats, all golfers, all trails... I missed a few power ups.... Zigzag, Magnet lvl 4, Super Ball lvl 2 This is not possible the daily race pack give me the missing power ups?
  6. Hat List

  7. Super Ball

    This 20 Achievements Unlock is too much for the Super Ball... Magnet Balls Lvl 4 for me. Zig-Zag Balls Lvl 4 for me. And the other Powers is maxed, Lvl 5.... And I have this Super Ball... Only Lvl 1..... I never maxed this Power Up, because it's so long time earn it and I don't know earning lot of packs again just like when starting the game (Under Par Packs and Bux)... I have all hats, all trails, all golfers, almost full levels Power Ups.... And level 1 Super Ball....
  8. All ghost flags locations

    Downloadable Courses doesn't have a Ghost Flags?
  9. how do you get the explorer hat? random cards?

    Yes, It's Random... I have 66/65 Hats.... And this one missing hat is the Explorer hat... Trails fully completed Golfers fully completed And I am waiting for the next Daily Race pack and I complete the Hats too.
  10. Super Ball

    I know my English is sux.... So I know how I earn this power ups. I have a question about these two power ups (Free, Super) needs leveling up (lvl5 is a max), or this is a "Fix" Powers/Skills and I don't need power up these balls with Cards? Laser and Sticky etc. is "fix", but for Nitro Zig-Zag, Magnet etc. I need Cards for leveling up this skills for Level 5.
  11. Super Ball

    Hey I don't unlocked the Super Ball and the Free Ball. I have a question. This two Powers needs Power Ups with Cards, or this two is fix, just like Laser and Sticky Ball?
  12. Hats

    Thanks I now opened the Green Mushroom, so I am f...in' happy I need only Explorer hat, other 3 is not so useful. P.S. This game is awesome, congrats to the Developers, Card System is amazing idea. But I miss the Hole-In-One achievements, this was my favorite part of SSG2.
  13. Hats

    Hey guys. I need a little help. Looking for few Hat effects. -Disguise -Leprechaun Hat -Afro -Explorer -Green Mushroom I have all the hats, expect this five.