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  1. Flappy Golf

    please redeem my code!
  2. Flappy golf 2 referral codes

    redeem my code plzz!!!!
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  4. Referral Codes

    93ZQL please redeem!
  5. Level Editor

    make a guide on how it is used i am having a hard time
  6. Hats

    leprechaun hat enables tiny golfer mode, your character is tiny. green mushroom is like red mushroom but longer preview, explorer lets you see hidden portals ex. ghost flags, disguise is giant golfer mode your character is huge and zebra afro i think boosts a power up like anti gravity or magnet idk not very good in my ipinion.
  7. Course Editor Now Available!

    i am starting to use it but am having hard time designing terrian, making new peices of land and whatnot. i will look further or post a video of you/someone else using it
  8. Referral Codes

    HQY3H please redeem
  9. Race mode points bug

    i have played ssg3 on race mode for a long time now and have probobly well over 30-50 wins with lots of people, but i want to get the superball but need the race mode points trophies, and i have the 1/5/10 race mode wins but no race mode points(***?). this is preventing me from ever getting superball and i wont ever get every character and hat anytime this century. there was a post of this before but was a dead end and was not solved, i have not played ssg3 in weeks, and bux are impossible to get now without acheivements and daily race is almost impossible to win and rewards are too low. please fix the bug with no race mode points though otherwise i cant get superball it would be impossible.
  10. Referral Codes

    please redeem my code: 93ZQL