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  1. What does the VR hat do?

    They obviously have a purpose, but no one seems to have discovered it yet.
  2. Hat List

    Well, it's a bit unfair as part of the challenge is estimating the direction of the ball.
  3. Hat List

    Cheers! I thought the red mushroom was already cheap enough, but green mushroom sounds even worse!
  4. Hat List

    Surely between us we can produce a full list? I haven't found a wiki anywhere with this info yet.
  5. Daily Race Mode: Difficulty

    That'd be appreciated! We all love a good challenge, so obviously it has to be pretty difficult, but some of the holes make me not even bother because I feel like I'd need to practice for at least an hour before I could get close to winning.
  6. Hat List

    Is there a full hat list anywhere? It'll make me determine if the ones I haven't got are worth the effort.
  7. Daily Race Mode: Difficulty

    Yeah, I got today's but otherwise they've become practically impossible. It feels like the fastest is the current world record which you've got to try and beat.