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  1. Icculus

    why no new courses for ssg3

    does anyone know why there hasn't been any new courses in a long time
  2. Icculus


    thanks Jed
  3. Icculus


    i am too i think it started happening after i updated the game last.
  4. Icculus


    anyone else getting this glitch I'm having it on several hols.
  5. Icculus

    Referral Codes

    Please add me I only need 2 more VH95Z
  6. Icculus

    Referral Codes

    VH95Z Super stickman golf 3 referral code
  7. Icculus

    Referral Codes

    VH95Z Super stickman golf 3 referral code
  8. Icculus

    Anyone Else having this glitch

    On hole six of farmland when I use the laser ball my laser line disappears when I try to line up the shot. Any thoughts
  9. Icculus

    Referral code question

    Thanks China.
  10. Icculus

    Referral code question

    Are you only able to enter in one referral code or is their a way to enter in more than one.
  11. Icculus

    Course Editor Now Available!

    Do I have to use Photoshop or will illustrator work
  12. Icculus

    Referral Codes

    Does anyone know How many time can you enter a referral code in
  13. Icculus

    Referral Codes

    Super stick man golf VH95Z
  14. Icculus

    Referral Codes