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  1. Thanks for your interest! Right now our focus is on mobile but we may explore other options for future games! Thanks for playing
  2. Hey Ben, Sorry for the troubles. That's not an issue we're aware of. I just played through a couple courses on an Android 4.4.2 Note 2 and couldn't recreate the problem. Sounds like you've already tried some troubleshooting but unfortunately unless we can recreate the problem on other devices it's really hard for us to fix a problem like that. Here are few things you can try if you haven't already. 1. Force close the app and trying restarting it. To force close the app, open System Settings → Applications → SSG3 → 'Force Stop' (Note: The menu options might be slightly different on your device). Alternatively, open the app switcher and swipe to fully close the application. 2. Power cycle (restart) your device Generally you can restart the device by holding down the power button until options to power off or restart pop up. 3. Please ensure you are using the latest version of the app. To check for updates, open the Google Play Store and search for the app. If a button to “update” is available, tap it to update the app to the latest version. 4. Ensure your device storage is not full. To check how much storage you have left on your device head to System Settings → Storage. If you device has less than 10% free space, delete some unused apps, videos or files to make a little extra breathing room. Android can tend to do strange things when the internal storage is nearly full. 5. Try clearing the app cache Go to System Settings → Applications → SSG3 → Storage → “Clear Cache” (do not "Clear data" or you may lose your progress). Then launch the game, you may need to sign into Google Play Games again. 6. Try closing any background applications Open the app switcher and swipe to close any other running applications. 7. If those steps do not resolve the issue, please uninstall the game and reinstall it from the Google Play Store. Note: On some games without cloud save this will delete your progress. You can uninstall the game by long-pressing on the game icon then dragging the icon to the “uninstall” location on the upper right hand corner of the screen (on some versions of Android). You can also uninstall by going to System Settings → Applications → SSG3 → Uninstall. Then head back to the Play Store to re-install the game.
  3. It's been considered but as China>Rider pointed out, the downtime is a bit of an issue. It's something we'll likely revisit when we start to dream up SSG4!
  4. Thanks for posting this on here Harry! I think the Telegram chat is pretty great way to communicate and we appreciate all the work you guys do to organize tournaments and grow a community!
  5. Hey guys, Thanks for the bug reports, we do read and track these issues even if we don't always have time to respond to the post! Just wanted to say thanks for helping us make the game better!
  6. Yeah, we're aware of the issue and we're working on a fix. However, we're not just planning to make a quick fix or patch instead we're working on a complete rewrite of our multiplayer functionality. This is a huge project that is going to take us time to work out. We've heard the complaints from the community regarding people using modified versions of the game to cheat and we're going to ensure that won't be a problem for the SSG series going forward.
  7. Hey guys, Have you noticed that this problem has been better recently? We made some changes a few weeks ago to hopefully make the daily race more fair.
  8. Can you upload a screenshot of what that looks like?
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