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  1. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    You are correct. Refreshing worked! I guess I never waited to refresh. I just saw it wasn't deleted right away so I manually deleted.
  2. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    I believe it was 9.3.3 as I just updated to 9.3.4 this morning.
  3. Create your own turn based course

    Thanks Arlin!
  4. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    Minor issue... In turn based game menu settings; clicking the button to delete all completed turn based games does not actually delete them. However, deleting them one by one works just fine. doesn't bother me and I've only tried it a few times when I had about a dozen completed games. IPhone 6 with current iOS installed.
  5. I've been wondering what others would think about the ability to create your own turn based course out of the existing courses and holes available. I think it would be great to be able to cherry pick 9 holes out of all of the existing courses and challenge someone to play against you. Is that something that would be even possible to implement? Even in single player if devs released a course or two with various holes included. I like the themed courses but would also like a mixture at times to liven things up a bit. let me know your thoughts when you have a chance.
  6. SGS3 vs SGS2

    Well thought out post. I found some levels on SSG 3 to be easier than SSG2 (even when going for clean ball) due to the green mushroom hat and spin. Just in single player mode. Lately I've been playing a good bit of turn base games and have been keeping hats/powerups off to be able to get better. Plus I haven't mastered the powerups like some players have so if I'm playing someone who has they can easily pull away with some crazy powerup shots. I can use them well just not with perfection. I am looking forward to the editor big time!
  7. New Trophy

    Good call. I forgot to switch hats with shipyard became available.
  8. Room for 2 more powerups

    LoL!!!! love it.
  9. Room for 2 more powerups

    It seems like there is room for two (2) more powerups both in the powerup selection during game play and the list of powerups when viewing my cards. Do devs have plan to release more powerups in those slots in future?
  10. What does the VR hat do?

    I've read somewhere it has something to do with acid. Not 100% sure though.
  11. Hat List

    I think the googles have something to do with acid. I don't have them yet and I've played many hours of the game. Got my 10 year old nephew to download the game and 15 min later he was calling me asking me how to put on a new hat Bc he got the googles and wanted to try them out!!
  12. New Trophy

    Do you think it would be possible to get more specific trophies in the game? Similar to sinking a super ball in the water (cool off I believe). For example.. Use the zigzag powerup to get hole in one on course (x) hole (y) etc... Ive been playing a good bit and have maxed out my achievements in single player (except clean ball on improbable land) and obtaining all hats, golfers, etc. just some things to help occupy the time between new courses. On that note when a new course is released I find myself grinding it out for bux, clean ball, black flag, and gold star. Then I'm immediately left longing for a new course lol.
  13. Level Editor

    Looking forward to the level editor big time! Do you have an estimated time frame on its release? Will we be able to play levels created by other users? Thanks and and love the game!