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  1. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    This isn't a cheat. I see this happen when I play against my friends, and I watch their play on their device. I think what happens is the replay is sent as a series of timed activations of button presses, and possibly the difference in the timing or floating point error causes the physics engine to replay it differently on your device. To Noodlecake: it may be useful to put periodic absolute state messages in the replay data (i.e. at this point the ball should bounce off this wall with this momentum, etc.) so the replay can always be accurate. It may have weird replay artifacts such as the ball jumping slightly, but would look better than the ball just going into the water or not going into the hole when it actually did.
  2. Bugs / Glitches etc.

    On iOS version 1.7.7, my game crashes. A lot. No specific time/activity, it can crash at any time. First screen freezes, then audio gets crackly and then crash. Annoying thing is that if you are doing turn based multiplayer, it counts any strokes you had taken up to that point, and then you have to start the hole over. So for example if you are 2 strokes into the hole, and a crash occurs, you then start out at the beginning +2. The crashing makes multiplayer racing terrible as well. I had experienced sporadic crashes before this update, but this update seems to have made it much much worse. Let me know if you need anything specific from me, or want me to try a debug build, etc.
  3. Enhancement request: required hats

    My brother and I both love playing this game. We have come up with a simple new rule that we follow, but it would be cool to have the game enforce this, especially for random matching. First, I love the ability to select a "mode" when doing match play, probably one of the best improvements the game has seen. However, we have found that you can have even more variety by agreeing to both wear the same hat. For example, unlimited nitros, but you must wear the rubber glove hat. Or flappy golf, but you must wear the seaman hat (beach ball mode). This adds a new dimension to the challenge. So essentially, what I'm asking is that in addition to the special mode, you can select that everyone must wear the same hat as you. Obviously, some of the modes don't make sense with this, but many of them do. What do you think?
  4. Impossible Daily Race

    Hi I have noticed. I would say the pendulum has swung in the other direction. Now instead of impossible or really difficult, they are super easy! I almost never need to use a hat to finish and frequently get 1st place on my first try. I will tell you that I was able to finish my impossible race due to a bug. If you pause the game during the countdown, it gives you a 3 second head start over the other golfers. Maybe that possibility was skewing whatever algorithm you use to make the races challenging thanks for the game and the attention to this issue!
  5. Impossible Daily Race

    https://everyplay.com/videos/35757161 yeah that's hard but not even close to impossible like the one posted earlier. Curious if yours had the opponents starting earlier than mine did 3 months ago. Whenever the bots have to take more than one shot, it's usually beatable with either bad guy or Viking hat. Whenever you finish a hole in any mode but a standard race, there is a share button where you can share your replay which will store it on the everplay server. At least on iOS, not sure about android or other platforms.
  6. Impossible Daily Race

    I don't think a swish will help, maybe it will. When I pause the video at the point the red ball goes in I think mine is still in the air. Maybe if I try 1000 times, I'll get a swish once. But still, is it supposed to be that hard? I mean there is no time to use a powerup even if it would help. And how do the other players miraculously start swinging without having to build power? I still think it's a bug. I've been doing daily race for months and never seen one with such low margin for error.
  7. Impossible Daily Race

    Here is a daily race I had. Notice that as soon as the countdown ends, the others are swinging. I used 2-button swing, and viking hat (fast moving power bar), and still my ball doesn't touch the green before the 1st place is in. This level is impossible. I think this is a bug. https://everyplay.com/videos/38769189