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Found 5 results

  1. In hole 6 of flakes the ghost hole is in the center but it’s impossible to enter the ghost hole as shown by the image
  2. Copied from Twitter: Seems to be a glitch in the pro shop. The $14.99 40 Packs IAP cost me $30.99 (pushed "buy" before I realised.)
  3. Here is a daily race I had. Notice that as soon as the countdown ends, the others are swinging. I used 2-button swing, and viking hat (fast moving power bar), and still my ball doesn't touch the green before the 1st place is in. This level is impossible. I think this is a bug. https://everyplay.com/videos/38769189
  4. We all know race mode has its issues, but far and beyond my most frustrating, is force closing during a race mode match. Once I actually get to pair with a player and manage to not have any errors leading up to the match (1 in 10 games), roughly 1/3 of THOSE matches, SSG3 will shut down, back to my Android home screen. This is beyond frustrating, and no response from support emails. Anyone have any solutions? How can so many people be this frustrated with this game with no solutions? CONSTANT 'Google Play Services has stopped' errors (10+ per day). Just so many bugs with this game (these are measured numbers of failure, I've kept track). Network connectivity is spotty in full 4G or WiFi networks. Android 5.1 (current, unrooted), Verizon Droid Turbo, current SSG3 version. Plenty of RAM and storage space on the phone.
  5. There is a list of few bugs with laser ball: 1. "Double trajectory" When using Red / Green mushroom (hat) if you first charge tour power meter and then select "Laser ball" you'll see something like this: You can see that there are 2 paths that ball can go; it's obvious that ball will go along the red "patch", but it may be confusing to some players. 2. Free last shot indicator When you first charge your power meter, then select "laser ball" and shoot; then trying to charge meter again you'll see this: 3. "Ghostly" ball When i point my arrow like this, game doesn't show that ball can go in this direction, but...
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