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Found 2 results

  1. Whenever I try and select turn-based multiplayer on SSG3, it asks for a name and then whenever I try to join it shows this message. (The image) My internet connection is fine, I’ve even used mobile data and have the same problem, I’m running it on an iPhone XR, fully updated. Please help
  2. So I was playinga race mode game on android with 2 other players. One of the players left after hole 3 (they were the host device). After this both mine and the other players score dropped to 0 (annoying but could deal with it). Every hope after, we were getting negative points (I won hole 4, got -1, they got -2). This carried on for 2 more holes until I quit (I was now the host device so got the annoying error saying this could effect the chances of me being a host in the future). Anyone else experienced this?
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