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Found 2 results

  1. Hi SSG3 community! If you're looking for regular opportunities to test your SSG3 talent and/or destroy people's false sense of superiority in an online cartoon golf game, look no further than our regularly scheduled SSG3 Round Robin Tournaments! So far, we've held 1,403 matches over sixteen tournaments between 28 competitors. These are all 'round robin' style tournaments - meaning that every player plays every other player, and the overall winner is crowned on a Win-Draw-Loss, points-based system. Tournament entry, rules, advice, scheduling and results are are all facilitated through our Telegram group chat - open to everyone at this link (download the Telegram app or check in via your browser from time to time). From there, you can access the Google Sheets which are used to organise the tournaments. Enter as many or as few as you like, and see how you stack up against our current players - from casual golfers to hardcore Level 60s. Happy Golfing!
  2. Hey all! I am quite inactive on these forums... never been too involved! But I just want to make sure nobody here is missing out. I frequent the SSG 3 subreddit, there is great discussion and topics on there. Tournaments were held frequently through reddit until eventually, a few players started up a telegram group chat! There are about 40 of us there and we have great fun, play turn based all the time with the occasional race mode and have tourneys every week or so! Simply download the telegram app, sign up... (it takes 30 seconds) and then open these links! You can join the chats here: Social discussion chat: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAAuZTxfI5OYVyj10RQ Tournament chat: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEFf0zggFrNqg2jcXQ (Make sure to opem these links in safari after you have downloaded the telegram app) we actually have Noodlecake staff in the chats, so feel free to report bugs/glitches or even make a suggestion there! we are always looking for new members, the more the merrier! My name is Harry... hopefully i will see some of you over on telegram! My in game name is "Okays" challenge me however you like... i'm always up for a game. Until then, happy golfing!
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