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Found 3 results

  1. Snoppunge22

    Inactive players

    My life story I require assistance, for thy golfer sojourn sedentary. In doltish words, how may I surrender when it is not my turn to play. The one whom helps me shall I givith onto you ten bux of grandaur and virgins. - Snoppunge22
  2. SammyDodgerr


    Now that i've got all the bux and ghost flags I am looking to earn bux by wagering in order to get the last few cards. Any wager will be accepted, preferably with hats and powerups enabled. Name: SammyDodgerr
  3. SammyDodgerr


    Here's an idea that I think would be a great asset to not only multiplayer but the game as a whole. It could work on both turn based and race mode and is basically a competition in which entry costs say 2 bux, and is a knockout style tournament with something like 3 stages. The winner could get 10 bux and the runner up could earn there entry fee back. This would be a great way to earn more bux and also would take bux out the game, (8 entrants x 2 bux - 10 - 2 = 4) reducing the inflation of bux in the game. Miniclip do it with 8 ball pool and run limited edition tournements with exclusive prizes which could easily be replicated in SSG with limited edition hats/golfers/trials