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So with the new Free Ball power up, high scores are effectively out the window.  With enough bucks, every single course could have a high score of -9 (minus whatever score bonuses are on the course.  There might be a couple exceptions, but there's no reason to not just shoot a free ball every shot.


This is a real bummer to me.  It takes away all skill, other than Swishes (another thing I'm not a big fan of.) It also makes all other power ups useless and just encourages buying Bux.


I put hundreds of hours into SSG2, and these parts of the game don't really bode well for me.


Is there any possibility of maybe a High Score mode?  One without a Free Ball or Swishes?


Otherwise I'm loving the game.

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It's the swishes that have removed single player high score chasing right out of the window IMO.

On the flipside I've had a swish win and draw matches for me on Hole 9 in turn based multiplayer.

I don't have the time to chase single player high scores and to be honest between the insane amount of hours I put in to high score chasing in SSG and SSG2, that not being a temptation in SSG3 is actually a relief.

I'm looking forward to replay sharing being implemented and then I can knuckle down with my favorite part of the series, pulling off insane trick-shots in practice mode. These will be even more killer with the KABOOM being replaced with the SWISH. 

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@1221 I agree. Essentially the highest possible score on a regular course like Golf Land with the hat, powerups and swishes is -27, which is just ridiculous imo.

Swishes are cool to pull off but when playing online I find it cheap. I don't actually recall having a swish scored against me but whenever I've pulled one off I find myself thinking 'gee that must suck for the other guy, I wasn't even going for that'.

The thing I loved most about SSG was that you felt in control of every single shot and hence your scoreboard. But with these wildcards you're suddenly shifting the balance towards luck based victories, particularly between highly skilled players who play within extremely fine margins.

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I think this is the best possible scorecard for Sticky Zone, obviously without lucky swishes. I used the golden crown and bought 2 power ups (15 golf bux).


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