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Missing Hats and Content after reinstall of SSG3

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I recently had to get a replacement phone after my other got damaged, and therefore I had to reinstall SG3. But when I had reinstalled and using the exact same iCloud account, the current turn based games in progress were there by I was missing all of my content such as hats and golfers that I had earned from previous games. Now I cannot use these for my turn based games. 

I can confirm that the account on the phone is the same, and connected to Game Center - Hence being able to resume the turn based games.

I am using an iPhone 7 on the latest IOS version. 

I have also tried to restore IAP from the menu, but this doesn't seem to do anything at all. 

Any suggestions? 


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Hello @Hamster100 thanks for reporting this issue!

Yeah, the IAP restore button isn't going to help in this case. It doesn't restore any progression, only any purchases you previously made from the Pro Shop.

One question, was your Single Player progress restored when you transferred devices or did that get lost as well. Specifically, are you able to access all the same tours and courses you had unlocked on your old device?

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