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So Noodlecake actually released a real editor for custom courses. However, there is bare minimum to none interest of what I see in actual custom courses. 

So let’s try to start a thread to get more interest! I’ve made one crappy course to try and get used to the editor so if you want to play it uhh I think it could be classified as abstract art? 🤔🤨

I don’t mind if you use the infinite portal room I actually thought that was pretty neat.

If anybody has courses to contribute, I’ll try to play them on the macs at my local Best Buy. :) 



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22 minutes ago, SuperStickman said:

Unlikely to be much of any interest unless the editor is added to the mobile version.

yeah that's true. and probably a pc editor too. I'll make a thread on Reddit too to see if anybody there has interest just in case because there isn't much activity here.

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